Five Reasons I celebrate Halloween

Fünf Gründe, warum ich Halloween feiere.
Nachdem keine Kinder mehr an unsere Tür klopfen und die Halloween-Party sich dem Ende zuneigt, lese ich die Begründung vom Fat Pastor, einem bloggenden methodistischen Pfarrer aus den USA, warum er es gut findet, Halloween zu feiern.

The Fat Pastor

trick or treat jesus Jesus doesn’t want pencils or Smarties either.

1. It is fun. Candy. Decorations. Costumes.  What’s not to love?   Why do we search for eggs on Easter?  Why do we watch fireworks on the Fourth of July?  Why do we hang stockings on Christmas?  It’s fun.  It is a day to celebrate with friends, family, and neighbors.  Kids love to play pretend.  They love to dress up as superheroes, cartoon characters, magical creatures, and yes – even monsters.  Today I picked up my daughter from school, and you know what I saw?  Elsas.  So many Elsas.  And storm troopers, clowns, ninjas, jesters, Harry Potters, minecraft guys, princesses, and batmen.  More than this though, I saw smiles.  I saw kids running and playing and laughing.  I saw Dads holding little hands, asking „did you have fun?“ and an exuberant, „Yes“ in response.  I saw teachers giving hugs and kids sharing…

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